Old Second

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Cash Management Solutions

Old Second’s comprehensive cash management services help you start collecting payments and disburse funds efficiently, so you can start making the most of your cash balances. Many of our services are available via Old Second’s prepackaged options, or you can work with your banker to build your own suite of products.


  • Receivables Management

    Old Second’s solutions are designed to help you collect your customer payments quickly, efficiently and securely. That way, you can put your funds to work for your business. With our array of products, you can give your customers a choice of payment options.

    ACH Service: Save time and money by collecting your customer payments automatically and electronically.

    O2 Remote Deposit: Scan and deposit checks from the convenience of your own computer.

    Lockbox: Your customer payments go directly to a post office box, and Old Second will pick up, process and deposit those payments for you every business day.

    Incoming Wire Transfers: Enjoy same-day availability of funds when wired directly to your business account.

    Merchant Processing Service: With the ability to process credit and debit card payments, you can provide additional payment options for your customers.

  • Payment Solutions

    Just as managing your cash inflows is essential to maintaining an effective cash management strategy, so is making timely, secure payments to your employees and vendors. Old Second offers several services to help you maintain an efficient and secure payments process.

    ACH Service: Save time and money by transmitting your tax, payroll and other payments electronically. You can originate your ACH transactions electronically to Old Second any time 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    Outgoing Wire Transfers: Make payments securely and quickly directly from your business account.

    Controlled Disbursement: This service lets you take advantage of your surplus cash and control your idle balances so you can make the most of loan and investment opportunities.

  • Account Solutions

    Your Old Second banker will help you select the deposit accounts that best suit your business and cash management goals. We offer a variety of choices, and a business banker can help tailor your accounts to the specific features and services you demand.

    Business Checking Options: Choose from a variety of accounts, including those requiring no minimum balance and those providing regular interest payments or an earnings credit you may use to offset monthly fees and other charges.

    Savings Options: Old Second provides various savings, money market and CD alternatives to help you enhance your cash balances.

    Sweep Accounts: Our assortment of sweep accounts lets you put excess collected funds to work, by contributing to your business’ bottom line, generating interest or paying down debt.

    Zero Balance Accounts: Automatically fund separate accounts at specific business locations via a centralized cash pool, giving you control over your disbursements, collections and cash.

  • Card Services

    Old Second’s comprehensive card services help you simplify, streamline and track your company’s payments. In addition, with our merchant processing service, you can accept credit card payments from your customers.

    Corporate Credit/Debit Cards: Our corporate credit and debit cards give you the tools and flexibility to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently—all on your terms. You control spending and access limits for each card holder, while enjoying streamlined management and recordkeeping. You’ll also enjoy free enrollment in Old Second’s debit card rewards program.

    Purchasing Card: Consolidate multiple purchases into a single payment with an Old Second purchasing card, a corporate credit card designed to streamline the purchase order and payment processes for low value transactions.

    Payday Card: Simplify and secure your payroll process by loading each employee’s pay onto a payday debit card each pay period.

    Gift Card: Old Second offers prepaid cards you may purchase in a variety of increments and personalize for each recipient. Gift cards are available at any Old Second location.

    Merchant Processing Service: With the ability to process credit and debit card payments, you can provide a convenient and efficient payment option for your customers.

  • Fraud Prevention

    Fraud remains a growing problem for many businesses. At Old Second, we’re committed to providing state-of-the-art fraud protection services to help keep your funds and your transactions safe and secure. Our services provide peace of mind by preventing unauthorized access to your accounts.

    Positive Pay: With this service, Old Second will only clear checks you’ve authorized. We’ll also identify and prevent unauthorized checks from clearing your account.

    ACH Fraud Protection: You control the access for each user and each ACH function.