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Mobile Credit Acceptance

Turn your device into a payment terminal

Old Second's mobile credit acceptance technology uses VirtualMerchant Mobile, giving you the ability to accept payment anywhere you bring your mobile device. The free VirtualMerchant Mobile app works with most Apple®, Blackberry®, and Android™ mobile devices.


View a video demonstration:

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With the VirtualMerchant Mobile app, you can accept payments in two ways:
  • Key-enter payment information.
  • Swipe the customer's card through a secure card reader attached to your device.
  • To download the O2 iPhone® App:

  • To download the O2 Android App:

Once payment is entered, customers simply use their fingertip to sign your mobile device's screen. You'll receive payment according to the receivables account you set up with the app. The customer has the option of receiving an email receipt.