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Employee Benefit Solutions

Stop struggling with benefits issues and start attracting and retaining quality employees. Offering a company retirement plan and other benefits can help you build the workforce and foster the employee loyalty you need to keep your business ahead of the competition.


  • Plan Design

    Our experienced retirement plan professionals will help you design a solution specifically for your company—one that balances your business objectives with your employees’ concerns. With several decades of experience in developing company-sponsored retirement plans, Old Second delivers comprehensive consulting services, a variety of investment alternatives, timely and accurate recordkeeping, and effective employee communications.

    Retirement Solutions: Our professionals can help you put in place the type of plan most appropriate for your company, whether a 401(k), SIMPLE or SEP plan.

    Health Savings Account: An Old Second health savings account can help your employees save and pay for current and future health care expenses with tax-free dollars.

    Payday cards: The Old Second payday card is a safe and convenient alternative to paychecks, allowing you to automatically load your employees’ pay onto a debit card each payday. Your employees then have the freedom to make purchases and ATM withdrawals with the card.