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The O2 Business Debit Card is the perfect solution for you or your employees. At Old Second it literally pays to use your O2 Business Debit Card, thanks to your membership in the O2 Debit Rewards Program.

Don't have an O2 Debit Card? Contact us today! Or visit any Old Second branch location.


Earn everyday points

By simply signing or using the credit option when making a purchase, O2 Rewards cardholders earn 1 point for every $3 spent. Cardholders can use their points towards hundreds of rewards including gift cards, merchandise, travel, experiences, green products, charitable donations and more.

Swype––earn everyday savings

Now with Swype, debit cardholders will receive instant savings at their favorite stores and restaurants for FREE! Cardholders can sign into their rewards account to view all available offers.

How Swype works

  1. Sign into O2 Rewards to view the available online and in-store offers.
  2. Use the O2 Rewards debit card at the participating merchants.
  3. Get money back into your account instantly!
Earn bonus points

O2 Rewards members have exclusive access to several ways to earn bonus points and save big. Multiply the number of points you earn up to 5x when you follow the links and shop with the O2 Rewards debit card.