Old Second


Savings Options Comparison Chart

  Money Manager Money Market Money Builder Savings Regular Savings Plus Certificates of Deposit
Account qualifications, minimum balances, monthly fees $5,000 min. bal. Below min. $15. Must have O2 Checking acct. $1,000 min. bal. Below min. $15. $50 min. bal. Below min. $5. $1,000 min. bal.
Minimum opening balance $5,000 $1,000 $50 $1,000*
Interest rates
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Tiered Tiered Yes Varies depending on term
Withdrawals/transactions per month Six ($12 per excess withdrawal/transaction) Six ($12 per excess withdrawal/transaction) Three ($1.50 per excess withdrawal/transaction) Any withdrawals prior to maturity are subject to a penalty fee
Free O2 Online Banking and email alerts Yes Yes Yes N/A
Available to connect via Money Connection Yes Yes No No
Exclusive to Money Connection No Yes No No

* Ask a representative for IRA rates, terms and conditions.